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Company  Introduction

Established in 1960, Arich has been in Taiwan’s pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years. We are a professional pharmaceutical corporation providing medical sales & promotion and logistics service. We not only offer omni-directional value chain services, but also focus on promoting medicines to specific specialties in hospitals, clinics and drug stores. Arich service covers more than 11,000 customers which includes medical centers, area hospitals, district hospitals, general practitioner, key accounts which includes chain stores and hyper markets, drug stores and wholesalers island-wide in Taiwan. Our annual sales revenue accounts for 13.3% of the total market. Undoubtedly, we are the largest local pharmaceutical promotion organization.

In recent years, Arich has improved our sales & promotion service, by setting up several professional teams for promotion in hospital and general practitioner channels. Our promotion strategies pivot on disease integration in the following specialties: infertility, contraception, anti-infection, cancer screening and prevention in obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN). However, we continue to develop our sales promotion in family medicine, urology, nephrology, infectious disease and neurology. Meanwhile, we focus on promoting released prescription drugs and over the counter products in drug stores. With continuous education enhancement, community health education, in-store promotion, medication safety seminar and anti-counterfeit practice, Arich manages to knit patients and consumers closely with pharmacists, thus adding more effectiveness and value to our promotion. We also take the initiative to replace PDAs with tablet computers for mobile sales management. We not only are able to provide faster order processing procedures, but can manage and store dynamic data for analysis. Dynamic data information includes clinical promotion, academic information, discount schedule, stock level, retail tracking, detailing material, project schedule and multi-dimensional sales are all under control by virtue of the latest transmission and analysis technologies. In brief, Arich has by far the most outstanding electronic sales team in Taiwan.

Arich has accumulated many years of collaboration with multi-national pharmaceutical corporations. In logistics service, our principals include Bayer, Besins, Center of Disease Control, Eisai, Ferring, Janssen-Cilag, Johnson & Johnson, Nang Kuang, Pfizer, Shionogi, Taiwan Tung Yang Biopharm and Takeda. The first modernized cGMP-certificated logistics center in Taiwan, built by Arich, can offer a thorough supply chain service from international bond, registration, hospital pricing service, warehouse management, transportation & distribution, account receivable management and information linkage to drug price submission. Recently, cold chain system which meets the PICs standard has been completed and can provide high quality management of biological agents and vaccines.

In 2001, Arich has entered the China market through a joint venture with the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation to form the Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. in Beijing. Based on a long-term relationship, we will develop drug registration and clinical promotion in China in the near future. On the other hand, with an eye to expanding business structure, Arich joined the Excelsior Healthcare Group (listing # 4104) in 2009. Becoming one of the subsidiaries, we aggressively conduct profound integration with Excelsior-affiliated general hospitals, specialist hospitals, hemodialysis centers, long-term care centers, beauty clinics and dental clinics to form an even more competitive value chain. Arich will continue to innovate and invest in promotion and distribution, as well as offering international and premier services to the pharmaceutical market in Taiwan!